We Are Going to Be Okay

Well, we lost today. I can honestly say that we could have won this game even without our superstars in the game which is why I feel alright about this loss. Weeden wasn’t too horrible and his stats show him having a pretty decent game with 22 for 26. One thing stats won’t show you though is the game’s momentum. As soon as we threw an interception the game was completely different.

Randle showed well as well. He ended with 100+ rushing yards which is always nice but again stats don’t show the entire story. Most of those yards came in the first half and he couldn’t get much going in the second half.

Getting into my last point in my previous post¬†about Julio. I am not sure this man can be stopped right now. How many guys does it take to cover him…3?4?5 guys? It’s unreal how he can somehow still always get open no matter how many guys you cover him with. The man is a freak and came to life in the second half along with the rest of the Atlanta Falcons. Basically the Cowboys lost to two guys today which is frustrating, but still leaves me optimistic for when Romo, Leary, Dez and the rest of our team get back on the field.

I mean we literally have 8 or 9 guys out. FRUSTRATING. The good news is that we have the Saints next week who will be without Drew Brees. After next week we will get some defense relief with some of our guys coming back. If we can come out next week and get a W some energy and support will arise in Dallas again.

As for the rest of my predictions, I will get to them after Monday night.

On a completely different topic, how about them UT longhorns? Ouch losing two games in a row due to special teams. This is one aspect of the game that is always underrated and overlooked at times. Luckily The Cowboys have some of the top specialists in the NFL. Dan Bailey and Chris Jones are never really talked about too much but in my mind that is a good thing. If you have people talking about your kicker or punter too much there is a problem. Either you aren’t scoring enough or your special teams is struggling.

Hope you guys are enjoying the Broncos game tonight. Have a good one. Let me know what your thoughts were on some of the NFL games today. How about Carson Palmer and the Cardinals? Wow.