NFL Pick Em For Week 3

Let’s gettttt it! Time for Week Three Pick Em. My goal is to get on a schedule of doing this every week. Let’s see how close I can get. Please note for this week I will not be picking for NYG or WAS because they obviously already played this week :o.. I would have gotten it right anyways…;)

Sunday, September 27

Atlanta vs Dallas 12:00 PM @Arlington. I am going with the Dallas. Biased? Just a little. It will come down to how weel Weeden Plays. You should know how I feel about this after Friday nights post haha.

Indianapolis vs. Tennessee 12:00 PM @Nashville. Let’s go Ten on this one. Why? Mariota. Looked a little shaky last week but Week 1 was something to not take lightly. Also Colts have been struggling so you do the math.

Oakland vs. Cleveland 12:00 PM @Cleveland. Yikes will anyone watch this game? Hard for me to even care but I’ll choose Cleveland in the hopes that they will play Money Manziel.

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore 12:00 PM @Baltimore. AJ Green will go ham on them boys. Not too mention how well Eifert is playing. I think that’s how you spell his name as well.

Jacksonville vs. New England 12:00 PM @Foxboro. You guys made Brady angry and now he is on a mission. Good job America. NE wins big.

New Orleans vs. Carolina 12:00 PM @Charlotte. Hoping to see Saints rebound this game, but I do see this game going either way. For now I’ll go with Drew Brees and The Saints.

Philadelphia vs. New York 12:00 PM @East Rutherford. You kidding me? Demarco, sorry buddy I hope you can at least get ten yards this game. With NYJ’s Revis and Cromartie they are a force to be reckoned with.

Tampa Bay vs. Houston 12:00 PM @Houston. Thought I would never say this be TB wins. Jameis has to play well in order for me to keep my pick the way it is.

San Diego vs. Minnesota 12:00 PM @Minneapolis. SD. Why? Who Cares it’s SD and MIN LOL.

Pittsburgh vs.St. Louis 12:00 PM @Saint Louis. Pitt looks good. Rothlisburger looks good and they get the number 1 RB back this week. Watch out for this team.

San Francisco vs. Arizona 3:05 PM @Glendale. As long as Carson stays healthy and plays well ARI has my pick.

Buffalo vs. Miami 3:25 PM @Miami. I’ll go Miami on this one. Hoping for a big come back for Lamar Miller (primarily for my fantasy football team(s).

Chicago vs. Seattle 3:25 PM CBS @Seattle. Okay fine I’ll pick Seattle like everyone else in America. Sorry Cutler(not really).

Denver vs. Detroit 7:30 PM @Detroit. This game could go two ways. Peyton finds a way to win or gets killed my Detroit’s D. I’ll favor Peyton.

Monday, September 28
Kansas City vs. Green Bay 7:30 PM @Green Bay. Aaron Rodgers for President.

What do you guys think? We will see how long these picks hold up. Check back Tuesday morning to see how I turned out with my picks. Share your picks below. Let’s see who can master this week’s schedule.