Who is Joe Star of Team Records?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is my intro. Better late than never right? Yeah I gave you a very brief about Team Records but I never really told you about who the founder, me myself and I, is. Hope you enjoy.

My name is Joe Star. Yes star like the ones in the sky and the ones who shine on Sunday nights (NFL). Am I a real star? Not quite. Have I always wanted to be? Of course. My plans just never really worked out. This is why I started this website. I want to show the world what I am good at and that is discussing sports, mainly football. So with that being said, let’s get into what made me who I am today.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up playing football, soccer, basketball and really any other sport you can think of besides baseball. I HATE BASEBALL. Sorry for all the Rangers fans out there. I went to Rowlett High School and played varsity Football and Soccer for 3 years. After High School I went on to play in college football where I served as the kicker and punter for my college (I will tell you what school I went to later on). After college I went on to have a few NFL workouts with the Broncos and the Cowboys but was never lucky enough to fully land a roster spot. After giving football my all and pursing the NFL for a few years I found my way into Corporate America working for a real estate company in Dallas. While life was good and the money was flowing, I could never see myself working like a slave for company while a man behind the scenes was getting rich drinking his latte every morning. Therefore, I started Team Records. Call me crazy because I am not making a dime off of this site just yet, but worry no more I have saved up enough money to allow me to do this.

Nowadays, I am a full time blogger, stat analyses, guest speaker and website contributor for sites, webcasts, and radio shows all across the U.S. I focus on analysis of the NFL, specifically The Dallas Cowboys.

I do this because I love it and want to be the first for any breaking sports stories in the area. I am always looking for potential trending clips, videos, and players. So please if you are reading this, let me know if you know of anyone who has made a crazy play or had an amazing game recently. There could be some money in it for all of us 🙂 To contact me go to the contact page and email me directly!

That’s it for now. Have a good one guys.