Are You Ready For Some Football?



Yeah baby!! I am pumped. Football season…The GREATEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Anyone disagree? IF you do, it may be time for you to go ahead and hit that back button and detour yourself outta here. For those who are in agreement with me…You can stay…So right upfront I will let you know that I am a die-hard Cowboys fan. Yeah I said it. America’s Team bandwagon at it’s finest. That’s me baby. My Boys have started well at 2-0 but are soon to be tested without #88 & #9 (Tony and Dez).

This Sunday we face Mr.Julio and action packed The Atlanta Falcons. Covering Julio is a task in itself, but having to cover Julio all day and then somehow finding a way to score with Brandon Weeden, whom I might add has the worst QB rating for all the QB’s in the NFL currently. Don’t believe me? Find more info about our “double QB insurance” on

Long story short, Cowboys are going to be tested so we will see what happens. I hope the best for the cowboys but in reality our defense will have to carry us quite a bit. We may be able to do well for another game or two but the likelihood of our D carrying our team until Romo and Dez get back is very slim.

For a little pre game pump up. Watch This Video.

In all honesty I am pumped and this pregame video will help you get the chills for this Sunday’s game. See the video here.

This game is going to come down to how well our QB(s) execute the game plan. Will we see the Weeden who we got a taste of last week who wasn’t even seen warming up 5 minutes prior to him going in to replace Romo yet somehow ended the game 7 for 7 with a TD pass and zero interceptions? Or will be see the Brandon Weeden who we were introduced to briefly last season with his one start where he choked all on his sleeve? This will be what I am looking for. Finger’s crossed.

The good news is the NFC East is wide open. The one team who was looking the most promising, The Redskins, lost to the team who threw away their first two games. The only team without a loss are The Cowboys but you’ve already heard how I feel about them right now.

My prediction is a pretty weak overall conference. If Cowboys D can hang and Weeden doesn’t suck too much I see Cowboys taking this conference, but I’ll let you know how I really feel about that statement after this Sunday when I see him (Weeden) play.

The QB situation for all teams minus the Giants (Eli has his moments) is questionable to say the least. Eagles need to call back Tebow, Redskins need to let Griffin play so he can get hurt again, and Cowboys have two backups that need to some how combine their “talents” to get anywhere near Romo’s level.

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