Those Dang Kickers

Getting back onto the topic of kickers and punters, mainly because they never get enough love and because I used to be one myself. Yes, even I was a kicker back in the day.

So I wanted to touch on this mainly because of how elite the NFL kickers and punters are becoming nowadays. I mean I can remember back in the day when the NFL average was right around 40 yards per punt and if you could make a 50+ yard field goal in a game you were considered “elite”.

I’ve actually taken a step back and tried to figure out why this is happening. Besides the fact that players are just developing into more of a robot over time, is there something else that is happening that is allowing these kickers to knock in 60, 65 and even 70 yarder’s wise ease?

We all know they aren’t on steroids because they are under strict NFL guidelines and regulations and the playing field is still the same.

What has changed?

Let me tell you what I figured out…

Kickers, punter and even snappers nowadays are all being trained by skill specific coaches starting at a young age. Even a simple search for kicking lessons and camps in Dallas, Tx will allow you to notice the stiff competition of kicking coaches in the area.

I even found one kicking coach who even starts youth kickers as young as 9 years old! Is this the difference? YES. Back when I was growing up there were no kicking coaches. All we had was a head coach who thought he knew everything. His words 90% of the time were “keep your head down” or Continue reading “Those Dang Kickers”

We Are Going to Be Okay

Well, we lost today. I can honestly say that we could have won this game even without our superstars in the game which is why I feel alright about this loss. Weeden wasn’t too horrible and his stats show him having a pretty decent game with 22 for 26. One thing stats won’t show you though is the game’s momentum. As soon as we threw an interception the game was completely different.

Randle showed well as well. He ended with 100+ rushing yards which is always nice but again stats don’t show the entire story. Most of those yards came in the first half and he couldn’t get much going in the second half.

Getting into my last point in my previous post about Julio. I am not sure this man can be stopped right now. How many guys does it take to cover him…3?4?5 guys? It’s unreal how he can somehow still always get open no matter how many guys you cover him with. The man is a freak and came to life in the second half along with the rest of the Atlanta Falcons. Basically the Cowboys lost to two guys today which is frustrating, but still leaves me optimistic for when Romo, Leary, Dez and the rest of our team get back on the field.

I mean we literally have 8 or 9 guys out. FRUSTRATING. The good news is that we have the Saints next week who will be without Drew Brees. Continue reading “We Are Going to Be Okay”

NFL Pick Em For Week 3

Let’s gettttt it! Time for Week Three Pick Em. My goal is to get on a schedule of doing this every week. Let’s see how close I can get. Please note for this week I will not be picking for NYG or WAS because they obviously already played this week :o.. I would have gotten it right anyways…;)

Sunday, September 27

Atlanta vs Dallas 12:00 PM @Arlington. I am going with the Dallas. Biased? Just a little. It will come down to how weel Weeden Plays. You should know how I feel about this after Friday nights post haha.

Indianapolis vs. Tennessee 12:00 PM @Nashville. Let’s go Ten on this one. Why? Mariota. Looked a little shaky last week but Week 1 was something to not take lightly. Also Colts have been struggling so you do the math.

Oakland vs. Cleveland 12:00 PM @Cleveland. Yikes will anyone watch this game? Hard for me to even care but I’ll choose Cleveland in the hopes that they will play Money Manziel.

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore 12:00 PM @Baltimore. AJ Green will go ham on them boys. Not too mention how well Eifert is playing. I think that’s how you spell his name as well.

Jacksonville vs. New England 12:00 PM @Foxboro. You guys made Brady angry and now he is on a mission. Good job America. NE wins big. Continue reading “NFL Pick Em For Week 3”

Who is Joe Star of Team Records?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Here is my intro. Better late than never right? Yeah I gave you a very brief about Team Records but I never really told you about who the founder, me myself and I, is. Hope you enjoy.

My name is Joe Star. Yes star like the ones in the sky and the ones who shine on Sunday nights (NFL). Am I a real star? Not quite. Have I always wanted to be? Of course. My plans just never really worked out. This is why I started this website. I want to show the world what I am good at and that is discussing sports, mainly football. So with that being said, let’s get into what made me who I am today.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I grew up playing football, soccer, basketball and really any other sport you can think of besides baseball. I HATE BASEBALL. Sorry for all the Rangers fans out there. I went to Rowlett High School and played varsity Football and Soccer for 3 years. After High School I went on to play in college football where I served as the kicker and punter for my college (I will tell you what school I went to later on). After college I went on to have a few NFL workouts with the Broncos and the Cowboys but was never lucky enough to fully land a roster spot. Continue reading “Who is Joe Star of Team Records?”

Are You Ready For Some Football?



Yeah baby!! I am pumped. Football season…The GREATEST TIME OF THE YEAR. Anyone disagree? IF you do, it may be time for you to go ahead and hit that back button and detour yourself outta here. For those who are in agreement with me…You can stay…So right upfront I will let you know that I am a die-hard Cowboys fan. Yeah I said it. America’s Team bandwagon at it’s finest. That’s me baby. My Boys have started well at 2-0 but are soon to be tested without #88 & #9 (Tony and Dez).

This Sunday we face Mr.Julio and action packed The Atlanta Falcons. Covering Julio is a task in itself, but having to cover Julio all day and then somehow finding a way to score with Brandon Weeden, whom I might add has the worst QB rating for all the QB’s in the NFL currently. Don’t believe me? Find more info about our “double QB insurance” on

Long story short, Cowboys are going to be tested so we will see what happens. I hope the best for the cowboys but in reality our defense will have to carry us quite a bit. We may be able to do well for another game or two but the likelihood of our D carrying our team until Romo and Dez get back is very slim.

For a little pre game pump up. Watch This Video.

Continue reading “Are You Ready For Some Football?”


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